Association of former students - ICOF - Lycée technologique secondaire et supérieur privé sous contrat

Association of former students


… to set up a professional network for alumni.

Alumni from the ICOF or Ste Marie des Chartreux : come and talk to us about your needs and send us your job offers and prospects for work experience. Stay in touch, offer advice and techniques, support recent alumni and organise meetings to share your school memories.
To stay in contact, you can update your personal information using the contact form and make comments to

Why ?

  • To maintain friendships started at school, despite the time and distance.
  • To meet up and conduct various activities.
  • To welcome and bring together recent Alumni.
  • To create a network of alumni, especially a professional network.
  • To be aware of the needs of the school.
  • To support the establishment’s projects.

The association hopes to be

  • Welcoming
  • Active
  • Dynamic
  • Brotherly

Calendar 2015

  • AGENERAL ASSEMBLY, MARCH 14th, 2015 at the ICOF
  • ANNUAL DINNER for the 5 and 0 prom NOVEMBER 21nd, 2015 at the ICOF